Allcon llc. is your one-stop solution for advanced electrical services. We leverage cutting-edge technology and unrivaled expertise to meet all your electrical needs – from medium voltage projects to motor control wiring, and control panel fabrication.

Our services stretch out to cater to various spaces including parking lots, retail environments, and new constructions. We specialize in retrofitting lighting poles, ensuring they align with the best industry standards while optimizing energy use.

Standby power systems are integral to any robust electrical infrastructure. We install, maintain, and repair these systems, providing you with the peace of mind you need during unpredictable power interruptions.

We also offer state-of-the-art fire alarm and access control systems. We’re here to protect your property and, more importantly, the people within it.

Driven by a vision of a sustainable future, Allcon llc is an industry leader in solar power solutions, from system design to installation and maintenance.